Robert asks…

Can Mission Control tell when an astronaut on board the Space Shuttle or ISS has an erection or erect nipples?

I was watching the movie “The Right Stuff” the other day when in one of the scenes one of the astronauts pee’ed and pooped his pants and Mission Control magically knew about it and made jokes about him. My gay Uncle is slated to go on one of the shuttle missions and he gets erections at the drop of a hat – and he also has a problem with his wet farts – I am afraid Mission Control will make fun of him and he will have a breakdown.

Aleesha answers:

Well the nipple sensors are a little faulty. Sometimes they record one nipple being fully erect and the other being flaccid like a dead jellyfish. As for erections and wet farts, the detection systems are state of the art. They know EXACTLY how many kernels of corn are in your dumps. It’s scary stuff. Someone should never be able to analyze another man’s feces so closely.

Lizzie asks…

Did astronaut Jack Swigert of Apollo 13 die in 1982 due to STD?

I remember from the true story movie starring Tom Hanks where astronaut Jack Swigert inadvertently gives STD to fellow astronaut Fred Haise by accidentally sharing the portable space urinal.

Also I found that Jack Swigert died in 1982 and the others still survives and was wondering if Jack died early because of complication of STD. If so, why didn’t Fred who got the STD from Jack die?

Aleesha answers:

Swigert died of bone cancer. I did not see the movie. It is nearly impossible to get an STD from a toilet seat and I could find no reference, even at, of anything like that.

Nancy asks…

Name of the 50′s-60′s sci-fi movie where an astronaut lands on a planet and shrinks inside his space suit?

Aleesha answers:

Phantom Planet (1961)

The mysterious appearance of an unknown planet brings miniature people, giant monsters, beautiful women and undaunted heroes to the screen. The self-contained planet “Rheton” has the ability to move in and out of galaxies to escape their enemies. Earth sends an astronaut team to investigate, which discovers miniature people. One astronaut survives to help them fight off monsters and Solorite attacks.

The film has moments of bizarre grade-B surrealism throughout that really makes it worth watching. In particular, the opening landing of the astronaut, his shrinking, and first encounter with the alien life has a special dreamlike atmosphere.

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